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Bay Area Buckeyes Endowment Fund


Information and Background

In February 2006 the Ohio State Alumni Club of San Francisco sent $5,000 dollars to the Ohio State Foundation to create a pending endowment fund. The pending endowment fund was created with the requirement that an additional $20,000 dollars be added over the next five years. This will establish a Northern California permanent endowment fund. Our goal over the next five years is to raise at least $4,000 dollars a year so that by 2010 the pending endowment fund will become a permanent endowment.


Below is Archie receiving our first $5000 check.


Who The Endowment Will Benefit?

The purpose of the endowment will be to award a scholarship to a Northern California resident who will be or is currently attending Ohio State. The geographic location of the student will not be limited to the San Francisco Bay Area but will include all of Northern California.


Raising Funds

To raise the additional $20,000 dollars required to make our endowment permanent, the alumni club will rely on three sources of income:


  1. All future alumni club membership dues will be applied towards the endowment fund.
  2. From yearly operating income, the club will make an annual contribution to the fund.
  3. Your generous support. Please help make this endowment fund a reality and donate today. All donations directly to the endowment fund are tax deductible.


  4. How to Make a Donation. Please follow the instructions below:



Option 1 - Online steps using a credit card:


1. Go to:

2. Add the "The Ohio State University Alumni Club of San Francisco Bay Area Scholarship Endowment Fund" to your Gift List.
3. Follow the instructions for payment provided by the Ohio State Office of University Development.


Option 2 - Check sent by mail:


1. Fill checks out with below information:

Payable to: OSU Foundation
Memo / For Line: #480341

2. Send Checks to:
University Development
The Ohio State University Foundation
1480 West Lane Avenue
Columbus, Ohio 43221